HPL New Year, New You Transformation Challenge

The NEW YEAR, NEW You Transformation Contest

Who wants to LOSE a dress/pant size in 60 days or LESS?


Be in the running to win some COLD, HARD, CASH?


Dear friend,

My name is Kevin DiDonato and I am the owner of Human Performance Lab and Wellness Center.

Over the course of the first year, we have seen some tremendous changes in peoples bodies!  From people dropping a dress size (and pant’s sizes!!), to lower their body composition!

We have taken 2 different groups of people through 2 different Transformation contest.  And each contest yielded some pretty amazing results!

Now, before we get into the next program, I want to tell you about my own personal story…

As some of you already know, I have struggled with weight and belly fat for a long, LONG time!

It may not look like it, but I once topped the scales at 198 pounds!

I was often injured, sick, and tired…

DEAD tired!

That’s when I decided it was time to step up and change my current lifestyle.

You see, I found out that raising three boys, running HPL, and holding a full-time job can be overwhelming.

Not only is the stress through the roof, but things get set aside – namely my health.

So, if I can slip off the wagon, I can only imagine all the other people that are in the same boat!!

Now, that you that you know a little bit about me, let’s move on to the contest!

The New Year, New YOU Transformation contest is a 60 day transformation contest.

It’s a great way to get helpful information on the Nuts and Bolts to weight loss, plus a whole lot more!

Here’s just a tiny snippet of what you get when you register:

•    Transformation manual – this is the 28 day transformation manual.  You will find helpful recipes, advice, sample exercise program, and sample menu plans.  This is a KEY to changing your life and getting in the BEST shape in 60 days

•    Access to a private Facebook Group – for the ENTIRE 60 days, you will have access to ME and the other transformation participants.  This is where the MAGIC really happens!  In the Facebook group, you will get daily workouts, sample meal plans, and helpful nutritional advice to help see you through the program.  Don’t have Facebook?  Don’t worry.  If you provide your email, I will send you daily workouts and samples plans privately!

•    Helpful advice on supplements – supplements are a KEY to helping you lose weight.  Adding a little bit more protein from a protein shake will only add to your weight loss.   I will give you advice on the BEST ones to use and just how important they are to overall fat loss

Now, for the 28 day challenge, I charged a nominal fee of $28!  That was only ONE DOLLAR A Day for the challenge!

Since this contest is longer, the fee will be $50 for the 60 days!  That’s right, for less than $1 per day, you can get helpful information, motivation tips, and GET IN THE BEST SHAPE OF YOUR LIFE!

You can’t lose!  And…

You will automatically be entered in for a chance to WIN THE CASH PRIZE AND BE NOMINATED THE WINNER OF THE NEW YEAR, NEW YOU CONTEST!

So what are you what are you waiting for…


What do you have to LOSE!  Sign up and get ready to change your LIFE!

The contest begins January 6th, 2014 and runs for 60 WHOLE days!

Sign up TODAY!

Yours in health,

Kevin DiDonato MS, CSCS, CES
Human Performance Lab and Wellness Center

PS – You have nothing to LOSE – except the weight!  Sign up today and get in the BEST SHAPE OF YOUR LIFE!

Here are some of the things people are saying about our Contests:

“I joined the challenge with hopes to loose some weight, get into shape and learn how to eat healthier. I feel Kevin helped me to achieve my goal. I didn’t loose as much weight as I was hoping, but I’ve started to build muscle tone and I dropped one pants size.
I feel so much better about myself and I have a lot more energy.  My friends, family and coworkers have noticed a big difference. The group atmosphere provided a lot of support and guidance.

We were able to learn from each other and share recipes. Overall, this is a wonderful program and would recommend it to anyone that is looking for a change and a good challenge.”

– Jamie Clark, Machias

“This challenge was more than a “weight-loss” challenge … it was a “transformation” challenge. And I have been transformed! I lost probably about 6 pounds … and over 11 inches. But more importantly, my eating and exercise have been transformed. I found I needed to eat more protein.

I learned to mix up my days with regard to complex carbs. I learned more efficient ways to exercise … and the reasoning behind it. AND I am much stronger.

I still am on my weight-loss journey, and my transformation journey. I have learned great tools to help with both.”

– Christina, Trenton

“This was my second HPL 28-day challenge and I lost almost 10lbs each time. These challenges have been great…daily workout programs, nutrition advice and bits of health-related information and motivation all in a small online community setting. I enjoyed “getting to know” the other participants although we haven’t gotten to meet in person (yet) and being accountable (we posted a food/exercise diary each day) to myself, everyone in the group AND Kevin made it even easier to stay on track. I’m a few months into a long weight loss journey, and I consider myself (especially at first) a novice to clean eating and regular exercise. I’ve considered these two HPL Challenges wonderful tools to help me achieve my goals.

The workouts in the challenges are great. The first week starts off easier and the workouts get longer and more intense as time goes on. Many a morning I’d read our workout for the day and think two things: 1) I’m never going to have time to do all this! and 2)I won’t be able to walk after this one! But, somehow Kevin knows (maybe he’s done them himself)… they’re all easily done in 45-60 minutes. I’ve really loved the challenge of getting through a workout. They’re all doable. Some are tough. But I’ve enjoyed realizing what my body CAN do and just how strong I can be. I guess there’s a reason why these are called CHALLENGES.”

– Jennifer, North Lamoine

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